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What is WiTech Networks?

WiTech Networks is our Private Network exclusively for you. WiTech Networks is a company to solve all your internet problems, providing you with access to faster internet with you paying the less. 

We also give out educational materials to students to help them develop their minds in the field of Technology. In so doing, we have taken it to ourselves to organize quiz competition in "times" to help figure out the best student within a particular educational district or region and to award them and make their dreams come through...


Wi-Fi Installation Plan{Institutions} - Business

Comm Basic   = GHc 950 {5% Disc}

Comm Premium = GHc 1,200 {8% Disc}

Comm Extra     = GHc 1,500 {10% Disc}

Home / Personal Usage - Affordable

Contact Us for more Info. 

Call = 0552128207 or 0243783722 

Email =[email protected]


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